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Maybe it's just my type?

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the anti vaccination movement basically consists of random people with no knowledge of medicine going “I can medicine better than doctors” and it would be hilarious if it wasn’t literally killing people

you dont need vaccines, I havent had any and Im still doing great

wow, what a compelling argument. you’ve got me

in other news, i am still alive therefore death must be a myth

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nail polish on fingernails: 2 days
nail polish on toenails: 200 years. ur ghost will have glittery toes. ur descendants will come out of the womb w/ revlon 791 midnight affair perfectly applied. infinite

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100years-to-live replied to your post “if you’re looking for fantastic mascara, please do yourself a favor…”

Sounds amazing!! Where did you get it and how much did you pay for it, hun?

I got it in Amerika, because there it’s cheaper than here…but you can get it at Douglas for 24,95, which is crazy expensive (at least for me because I never use high-end cosmetics)…but I really have to admit that there is such a difference to the cheaper products that I tried before. Maybe it’s possible to get it via Amazon or Ebay or smth like that for less money to try it out, IDK…for me anyway, it’s totally worth its price. Unfortunately, because buying it regularly will make me poor, lol.

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